As a member of BRYN Mawr personal healthcare you will enjoy

January 6, 2020 by Kyle Kuster0
  • Same day or next day appointment – you don’t have to wait and you never have to be concerned “you’re not sick enough” to be seen.
  • Access day and night – by office phone, cell phone, e-mail or fax, you can reach your own doctor 24/7.
  • More focus on fewer patients – the practice has a limited number of patients, so each patient receives personal attention.
  • Relaxed, thorough examinations – appointments are always at least 30 minutes long. Time is allotted for detailed checkups, discussions and development of treatment plans when necessary.
  • Comprehensive health planning – your annual health assessment includes a physical exam and history as well as related counseling regardless of medical necessity. If you need help, we’ll schedule follow-ups. If your health is perfect, we’ll help you keep it that way.
  • Physical fitness training – membership includes a free annual consultation with a personal trainer and assistance with scheduling additional sessions or obtaining membership in a health club of your choice for an additional fee.
  • Nutrition consultation – you’ll receive a free annual personal nutrition consultation and assessment. Ongoing support for any reason will be arranged for an additional fee if it isn’t covered by your insurance plan.
  • Faster, easier prescription filling – we’ll help you refill prescriptions by phone, fax or email to provide the care you need and put h ours back in your day
  • Travel medical services – you can receive medical advice and vaccinations before a trip. There is only additional fee for vaccinations not covered by your insurance.
  • Care when you’re out of town – when you’re away from home for extended periods or just on a trip, we will coordinate your care with local physicians wherever you are.
  • Personalized health information – you’ll receive timely health information that’s meaningful to you by mail, email, fax or web posting, as well as through lectures and discussion sessions.

We invite you to become a member of Bryn Mawr personal healthcare.

To join, please call 610-672-0300 and ask us to send you a guide to services brochure and a membership agreement. After we receive your signed agreement and annual membership fee, we will send you a personalized membership card entitling you to enjoy all of the benefits of the practice.

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