Membership Services

Become a member,
not just another patient

You should be able to see your own doctor when you want… and spend as much time as necessary to address all that is important to you. Becoming a member of Bryn Mawr Personal Healthcare ensures your ability to receive individualized, personal attention to your total health.

More Focus on Fewer Patients

Today’s traditional medical practices often limit the amount of time spent on each patient to a point where both the doctor and the patient feel rushed. At Bryn Mawr Personal Healthcare we’ve limited the number of patients so we can increase the time we have available for each patient.

Same Day or Next Day Appointments

Your health and your peace of mind are our top priorities. If you have a concern, we don’t believe you should have to wait and worry. And you should never be concerned “you’re not sick enough” to be seen. Since this practice has a limited number of patients, we are able to schedule appointments, excluding annual physicals, within 24 hours. We want to see you when you want to be seen.

Access Day & Night

Our goal is to provide personalized healthcare like it once was, which means accessibility to your own doctor day and night, seven days a week. This is a big commitment, but one we feel deeply about.

During the day, you may call, fax or e-mail our staff to arrange for appointments and prescriptions, or just to ask a question. At night, you can call our office phone and have our paging service contact your physician, who will return your call.

Thorough, Unhurried Examinations

We schedule appointments for at least 30 minutes. This way, you’ll have time to discuss your health concerns without feeling rushed. And we’ll have more time to review your medical history, to conduct detailed exams, and to develop and describe treatment plans when necessary.

Just as important, this approach allows us to treat you as a “whole person,” considering psychological and social issues as well as medical factors.

If you feel you need more than 30 minutes, even for routine visits, just ask us. We’ll be glad to schedule the necessary time.

Comprehensive Health Planning

Your membership includes an annual complete health assessment. This means you get more than just a routine annual physical, you also get assistance in setting annual health goals and advice in reaching those goals. Should you need more frequent consulting to reach those goals, for whatever reason, we’ll arrange it.

We will also help coordinate any necessary medical testing, procedures, and appointments with outside specialists. Your doctor will contact the specialist prior to your visit and follow up afterward. Your physican will then contact you to go over the results and discuss any further actions.

Physical Fitness Training

Your membership includes a free annual evaluation of physical fitness by a personal trainer. It doesn’t matter if you’re 75 years old and recovering from a hip replacement or you’re 35 and running marathons, your trainer will tailor a program that’s right for you.

Then, if you want additional sessions, we’ll help you schedule them with the same trainer for an additional fee.

Nutrition Consultation

Our goal is to achieve overall wellness and a healthy lifestyle for every member. You’ll receive a free annual nutrition assessment and consultation. If you need ongoing support, we’ll help you arrange it.

While most of what we do is traditional medicine, we also allow for alternative healthcare where indicated. This means helping you understand and make smart choices about nutritional supplements, diet programs, and non-traditional therapies.

Faster, Easier Prescription Filling

With a traditional medical practice, it’s up to you to carry your prescriptions to the pharmacy. Then you wait for the order to be filled, or you make a second trip. At Bryn Mawr Personal Healthcare, we call in all your prescriptions, so you avoid the waiting and extra trips. And when you need authorization from your doctor to refill a prescription, you can contract our office by phone, e-mail or fax, and we’ll call the pharmacy that day.

Travel Medical Services

If you plan to travel away from home, we will be happy to provide you with additional medical advice and any necessary vaccinations. You’ll be charged an additional fee for vaccinations only if not covered by your insurance.

Dr. Spitzer is Board Certified in Infectious Disease. He has the training and experience necessary to provide preventative medicine and advice before travel, and to treat exotic diseases acquired in foreign countries.

Care When You’re Out of Town

When you’re away from home for extended periods or just on a vacation, we will coordinate your care with local physicians. Either let us know your plans ahead of traveling or call during the trip. We’ll be glad to answer questions or help arrange for needed treatments.

Personalized Health Information

Whether you are concerned about hormone replacement therapy or want the latest strategies on treating diabetes, your doctor will provide information that is pertinent to your medical condition. Health information will be conveyed by mail, e-mail, fax, etc.

Insurance Coordination

We understand how complex health insurance can be, so we’re prepared to assist you. We’ll help you understand what your policy covers and what it does not cover. We’ll also assist you with the claims process. We participate in most major insurance provider programs.

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